Our Story

Established in 1980, Taipei. Four young entrepreneurs embraced the dream of creating their own badminton brand and dedicated their careers to the sport they love, badminton. MMOA Is the acronym of the surnames of two Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean entrepreneurs that turned their passion into a reality. 

The Culture of MMOA

We are constantly looking for new innovative technologies, coupled with tight quality control and supervision to deliver world class badminton products, delivering the best quality badminton products in the world. We put the extra effort into sourcing high quality materials in all of our products to ensure we meet the highest industry standards. 

Over the last 30 years...

MMOA has focused on the production of high quality badminton equipment. The brand has become one of the most prominent badminton manufactures in Taiwan, Japan and Korean and continue to strive for excellence. Today, the brand is embraced by badminton players all around the world and regarded as one of the top brands in international badminton.

  • Premium quality
  • Exquisite appearance
  • Sleek and practical designs
  • International expansion to markets such as US, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China and Australasia

MMOA's Sponsorships in the last 15 years...

  • 2002-2017【Chinese Taipei International Open】
  • 2002-2016【Chinese Taipei International Youth Invitational 】
  • 2002-2017【Taiwan National Games Qualifier】
  • 2002-2017【Taiwan Morning Cup Open】
  • 2002-2017【Taiwan MMOA Cup Youth Open】
  • 2002-2017【Taiwan MMOA Cup Under 13 Championships】
  • 2005-2016【Taiwan MMOA Cup National Ranking Tournament】
  • 2007-2016【Taiwan MMOA Cup National Group Tournament 】
  • 2013-2016【 Taiwan Formosa Cup National Group Championships】